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I was reading an article in The Economist about a study conducted by Plunkett Research Marketing firm about the plus size market. The article discussed that research found 67% of American women were plus size being a size 14 or larger. OK, that information was much higher than I originally thought so I was a bit surprised. However, here is what I just don’t understand. The article goes on to discuss how only 18% of clothing sold was plus size. Wait, the math does not add up. If 67% have a need and only 18% are having that need filled where did the remaining 49% get clothing? Really, where have women been getting clothes?

Thankfully times are changing, granted its a slow change. Social media is helping to drive the change of plus size clothing through women loving their body. The more we see plus size women positing pictures while loving and embracing who they are we will continue to see change. All women are beautiful because we are all unique and wonderfully created. We should all be helping each other to love and embrace who we are as women. To women everywhere I just want to tell you, you are beautiful!

Laura Smith, CEO

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