Our Story – The Why.

Iconic Chic began with a simple mission – to bring high quality, fashionable clothing to full-figured women.

It all started when a friend and I were shopping for clothes one afternoon and she could not find clothes to fit her style or shape. We were discouraged with the selections; I honestly had no idea it was no fun to shop for her size. We complained, as I am sure many full-figured women do, then jokingly said,” we should start a clothing line and bring what is missing to full-figured women.”  That day I had no idea I would actually take the step of faith and begin this company.

There was something missing from this adventure, I realized the fashion was the “what” but my “why” was something deeper. My desire became clear, I wanted to connect women through fashion; by engaging women in conversations of life stories, struggles, failures, and achievements. I want to create opportunities to bring women together to uplift, strengthen, and encourage each other. We need each other.

What better way to connect women but through what we should all love – fashion. I know for the full-figured woman shopping has not always been fun. We want to change that!

We are beginning as an online boutique with a goal to open a store for women to come and experience a new shopping adventure. This adventure is through connection, love and fashion.

Please join our journey by becoming an Iconic Chic woman. We look forward to serving you!