My experience at M.A.G.I.C 2017 Las Vegas

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MAGIC 2017

Can I just share how challenging my time was searching for full-figured clothing at M.A.G.I.C 2017 (Men’s Apparel Guild in California- founded in 1933)? I was so excited to be traveling to Las Vegas to find manufactures of quality clothing at the largest fashion show of the year. It was a full three days of searching within the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, yes it was huge. The first day was a huge disappointment as many of the vendors, I found, did not have full-figured clothing. What? I really had expectations to find exactly what I was looking for at this show. I got a dose of what it is like to shop for full-figured clothing – it was not fun, in fact I began to get frustrated. How can I not find what I am looking for at the largest show of the year? UGH! Day two was much better, I learned how to navigate the show floor. I started to find clothing that I could be proud to offer. I became an expert in reading people’s face as I would go booth to booth asking if they offered full-figured clothing. I could tell by the look on their face before the words ever came out of their mouth. By the end of day three, I had several manufactures that seemed like a good fit. At the end of day three, I had a full experience of shopping for the full-figured woman. I was shocked to see that only about 30% offered full-figured clothing (more than 10 items) and about 70% did not offer full-figured clothing at this time. WOW!

When I think of this experience it makes me sad, this is what the full-figured woman has been dealing with for decades! Why are we not farther along. Well, I learned something else at this show. It cost more to make full-figured clothes so many manufactures do not want the extra hassle. The entire process is different for the 14 and above sizes. As we know, a manufacturer cannot make a dress in a size 4 and mass produce it in a 20. It will not fit right or flatter the body of a 20 when it was made for a size 4.  The manufacturer has to make a size 20 to fit a size 20 with the body composition in mind for this woman. The process for size 14 and above needs to begin with actually making clothes for women 14 and above.

The good news? The manufactures I found were making clothes with the full-figured woman in mind. Yes, actually creating clothes that fit the full-figured woman. YEAH!! Times are finally changing.

Laura Smith

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